An In-Depth Review of Ashley Madison

If you are looking for an extra-marital affair, the name Ashley Madison will undoubtedly spring to mind. After all, this is one of the more well-known dating sites for affairs around. However, you still may have some concerns about joining such a site. Can you be certain that this is the right site for you? If you are on the fence, check out this comprehensive review below:

How Effective is the Sign-Up Process?

The signup process is rather quick. As the site admits, it should take only a few minutes before you are on your way to completing your profile. While this may seem like an advantage to you, this isn’t a good sign at all.

This means that the company doesn’t take any steps to verify the profiles of the people behind them. Considering that the site urges you to create an entirely new email account, it means there is no way of knowing who is actually behind the profiles.

The agency also openly admits that they don’t carry out any criminal background checks. Due to this, you may be taking a risk when signing up to this site. This is especially true for women.

The signup process also requests information regarding your height, weight, body shape, etc. Naturally, this is rather personal information and suggests that the site will allow people to filter their searches based on these criteria. Needless to say, this can exclude some members.

What is the Membership Like?

It is estimated that there are tens of millions of users on Ashley Madison. However, most of the data only keeps tracks of men. This suggests that there are far more men on this site than women. As a result, members will have to work a lot harder to get responses from female users.

It should be noted that Ashley Madison has had a history of using fembots. This was a tactic used for a couple of reasons. First, the site intended to make it seem like there were more female members than there were present.

The company also attempted to make money by having these fembots trick male users into spending more money. This is just one of the reasons that you will discover that sites like Swipe-Affair are far more suited for extra-marital affairs.

These have smaller membership numbers. However, the site strives to provide a balance between male and female users. This increases the chance of people finding suitable matches. Furthermore, fewer members mean that users are less likely to get overwhelmed by their options.

What are the Privacy Measures?

One of the reasons Ashley Madison is so famous (or infamous, rather) is due to the massive hack that took place several years ago. During this hack, many of the members’ identities were revealed to the world. Although the company took steps to fix these security issues, it does prove that the site has some significant privacy flaws.

Also, the fact that Ashley Madison is so well-known can be a rather downside. This is because it draws stigma and ire. Furthermore, if a spouse or a partner has even a hint that you are using this site, they will know exactly what you are up to.

Apart from this, the site takes rather traditional approaches to keep your privacy safe. It encourages you to use a new and separate email address. You also have the opportunity to blur or mask your features to a certain degree.

Now, Ashley Madison does give you the chance to delete your profile if you don’t wish to use it anymore. However, as past evidence has shown, the company does keep some of these details with them, even after the profile is deleted. As such, you can’t be certain that all your details have been deleted.

Does Ashley Madison Offer Good Value?

To enjoy the full benefits of the site, you have to sign up for a Full Membership with Ashley Madison. This, for the most part, works as a pay-per-usage system. Such a system isn’t uncommon with dating sites and many others use it.

However, you will be better off relying on a site such as Swipe-Affair as far as payment goes. With this kind of site, the payment is fairly straightforward. You only pay as much as you send messages, etc. When using Ashley Madison, however, there are so many additional charges and payment packages. As a result, you can easily end up spending far more than you realize.

Also, as stated earlier, Ashley Madison has had a history of trying to get male users to spend more money on their site. Due to this, it can be difficult to know if similar methods aren’t being carried out against you.

The Verdict – How Safe Is It to Use Ashley Madison?

The main question, though, is just how safe is it to use Ashley Madison? Well, this site is just too high-profile to use for extra-marital partnerships. Not to mention, there is a fair amount of negativity and backlash associated with the site as well.

Also, you can’t escape the fact that this site has had a rather long history of consciously deceiving their customers. Needless to say, this can make it quite difficult to trust this site to protect you or the information that you give to them.

There is also no guarantee that Ashley Madison has improved its site. Sure, there has been a visible change to the site and there have been some alterations to the options available to you. Apart from this, though, there is no proof that real and necessary changes have been made.

This is what you need to know about Ashley Madison before you create an account on it. As you can see, this isn’t one of the better options out there – particularly if you wish to have an extramarital affair. You would have a better experience on a site like Swipe-Affair. Thus, in our opinion, it is best to give Ashley Madison a miss.

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Ashley Madison Review
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